Owamni will be offering a 13-course winter series indigenous-focused tasting menu– for a limited time. Each dish will tell a story, each flavor will carry a history, and together, we will be narrators of this culinary tale.

We’re departing from Owamni’s traditional family-style menu for a short while to expand our abilities and push our boundaries.This change is more than just a menu update; it’s a celebration of Indigenous culture, storytelling, and an exploration of the rich and diverse flavors of North America too often overlooked yet inherent in indigenous cuisine.

The menu honors and highlights our unique ingredients — all provided by Owamni’s Indigenous producers, showcasing their significance not just in taste, but in health, sustainability and cultural importance.

It’s about pushing our boundaries, giving our culinary team the personal and culinary chance to explore deeper creativity, and demonstrating to our community and the world the heights Owamni can reach with our service and creative capabilities.

Fine dining has always been the epitome of Eurocentric cuisine and we can break that mold by showcasing our own expression of Indigenous culinary art and creativity.

Ten percent of every dinner purchased will go directly to programming for continued education and food relief at the nonprofit NATIFS — Owamni is an important and integral part of the non-profit’s model.

Owamni continues to focus on job creation with an emphasis on hiring Indigenous staff, creating new skilled staff and leaders. We also are directly supporting Indigenous food producers by purchasing their products —sending tens of thousands of dollars directly to producers and creating a much needed demand. This also is happening at the IFL and the IFL Market, also a key part of our NATIFS nonprofit.

Food sovereignty is incredibly complex and this menu will allow us to get in depth with storytelling of certain ingredients (and markets) and present that to our guests.


Start date Friday, January 12th through Feb 18, 2024

Curating a BIPOC wine producer menu- also a non-alc tasting pairing.